Brothers Locksmith in Saint Paul MN is a locally owned and operated company. Its technicians provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmithing services. It also repairs and sells safes and creates master keys. Its employees are available 365 days a year. Its customers include homeowners, business owners, and car enthusiasts. Its goal is to make its customers feel more secure.


After two burglars robbed his home and took almost everything in 1996, the founder of Brothers Locksmith St Paul realized that he needed to create a company that emphasized security hardware. This was not an easy task, but it was a goal that Steven vowed to accomplish. He wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and help them feel more secure in their homes.


After a burglar broke into his home and stole valuables, Steven Babcock decided to start his own locksmith company. He envisioned a business with deep values that would help people feel safe in their homes, businesses, and vehicles. He focused on providing high-end security hardware and established a network of suppliers in the area.


The founder of Brothers Locksmith, Steven Babcock, grew up in the city of St Paul, Minnesota. After two burglars broke into his home taking almost everything he had in 1996, he decided to take action and start a company that would put an emphasis on anti-burglar hardware. He wanted to be a business that had deep values and made a difference in people’s lives.

Car keys have become much more sophisitcated over the years, and it takes a lot of training and equipment to properly cut them. Most local hardware stores do not have the proper equipment to duplication a car key, and key fobs require a special skill set as well.