Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or just starting out, having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference. Essential smoking accessories like grinders, rolling papers, lighters and ashtrays are a must for any dedicated smoker’s toolkit.

Keep your customers’ hands clean with a bong cleaning kit, which can be used on standard water pipes and dab rigs. This kit also helps reduce germs and gunk in glass pieces.

Rolling Papers

In the age of vaporizers, rolling papers can seem old school but they are still an quality smoking essentials. Smokers often develop a preference for certain papers due to their taste and how they burn. This creates brand loyalty and encourages them to purchase from the same vendors time and again.

Papers are made of natural fibers like hemp, flax, or rice straw. They are then pressed into thin sheets and sometimes treated with chemicals such as calcium carbonate, chlorine bleach, potassium nitrate, or dyes to influence the color of the paper and its burning rate.

Some reputable companies use all-natural glues to seal the papers, such as gum arabic, which is extracted from the sap of acacia trees. Some papers may also contain flavor additives such as mint, strawberry, and bubblegum.


Whether smokers are using them for smoking or other tasks, a quality lighter is essential. Lighters can be either butane or electric, rechargeable or disposable, and they come in a variety of styles and designs.

One popular type of lighter is the arc lighter, which is an electric lighter that heats a coil to create an ember for fire-lighting. They’re easy to use and work in windy conditions, unlike flint lighters. They also have a sleek design, making them a great choice for outdoor activities like camping trips.

Another option is the RAW clipper lighter, which has a built-in flint striker and comes in a range of different designs. These lighters are very durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. They’re also incredibly affordable.


Grinders are the backbone of every serious smoker’s arsenal. Grinding your weed before smoking limits contact with your hands and prevents the precious trichomes and cannabinoids from being damaged.

A good grinder will have sharp teeth that pulverize the flower without tearing it, making for a smooth grind. Many grinders also have a crystal catcher, which collects the kief—a snow-like mass of psychoactive goodness—and can be used in joints, blunts, and bowls to enhance your high.

A grinder should be made from metal, not acrylic, which has a lower melting point and can release toxins into the cannabis when smoked. These toxins can cause nausea, stomach upset, and other symptoms that are not pleasant. A metal grinder will last a long time and is worth the investment.


Pipes are handheld devices that are loaded with cannabis or tobacco to create a vapor that is inhaled. Smokers prefer pipes because they are easy to use, discreet and offer a more concentrated smoking experience. They are also available in a variety of styles and materials, including glass, ceramics and wood.

Bongs and dab rigs are other popular smoking accessories that can enhance your experience with flower or concentrates. Bongs typically provide a smoother smoke while dab rigs are designed to accommodate dabs for more potent experiences.


Nothing classes up a lounge room or patio like a well-placed ashtray. A few good ones can even eliminate the need to pick up cigarette butts and save you from having to clean your carpets.

Aside from the practicality of ashtrays, many are beautifully designed. For instance, this crystal ashtray from SANGFOR has a prism effect that makes it seem to emit a rainbow of colors based on the angle at which you view it.

Other options include handblown Murano glass in the candy colors of a Mad Men set; bronze or brass models; branded souvenirs swiped from night clubs and hotels; and motel staple stackable pastel melamine pieces. And then there are the bespoke offerings that are almost works of art. Actor Seth Rogen, for example, has collected more than 600 vintage ashtrays.