A delicious fusion of two apple varieties enchants your palate with a harmonious burst of crispness. This flavor is perfect for all-day vaping with the Fume Ultra disposable device.

On the initial inhale, island pineapples and exotic guavas soak your tongue with natural juiciness that’s a delight for your taste buds. Next, tropical creaminess emerges for a smooth finish that’s just as fulfilling as it is refreshing.

Double Apple

Fume Ultra Double Apple is a refreshing and fruity flavor that combines the crispiness of two apple varieties. Each inhale dazzles your taste buds with the natural sweetness of ripe red apples. Then, the tangy essence of green apples come into play to create a balance and harmony that is both delicious and invigorating.

Fumed with nicotine salts, this disposable device delivers a smooth throat hit and luscious apple taste in every puff. It also has a long-lasting battery life and convenient draw-activated mechanism. Plus, it’s eco-friendly compared to traditional cigarettes and requires no batteries or cartridges.

Black Ice

The Black Ice disposable vape pod from Fume Ultra delivers a superb taste blend of blackberries and blueberries that is very uplifting. This is one of Fume’s flagship flavors and can be found in their new FUME INFINITY 3500 puffs device that features a much larger e-liquid capacity and a powerful battery.

Upon the inhale, fresh lychees squirt luscious juices onto your tongue. This is a fruity flavor that is sure to please those who love Asian inspired flavors.

Cotton Candy

Known as Fairy Floss or Candy Floss around the world, cotton candy is a spun sugar confection that is often dyed in pink and blue with a hint of flavoring. It is a popular treat at carnivals, festivals, and theme parks and has even been used to add some extra pizazz to ice cream.

The main ingredient in most cotton candy flavors is ethyl maltol, which is a synthetic compound that gives sweets their richer and creamier taste, along with a caramelized sugar and cooked fruit aroma. Strawberry furanone, which is a natural compound found in strawberries, and ethyl vanillin, which comes from the extraction of vanilla beans, also contribute to the overall cotton candy flavor.

Strawberry Mango

Indulge in a classic flavor combination that’s sure to satisfy. Berry boldness electrifies your taste buds while sinful creaminess blasts them with even more splendor. Together, they make this strawberry banana smoothie a luscious delight that’s hard to put down.

Each Fume Ultra Double Apple disposable comes with a large 850mah battery pre-filled with mouthwatering e-liquid for up to 2500 puffs.