If your drains are clogged, you need a plumber to clean them quickly. Roto-Rooter Toledo specializes in clearing drains and sewer lines. We provide 24/7 service, and can be at your home in Toledo or the surrounding communities as soon as you call. You can count on us for the reliable, professional plumbing services you need at a price you can afford.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common problem that homeowners experience. They can be inconvenient, but they are also very serious if left untreated.

To avoid clogged drains, homeowners need to be aware of what causes them and take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Most bathroom drain clogs stem from dirt, skin flakes, and especially hair combining with soap scum to form a tough blockage.

A major cause of clogged sewer lines is tree roots growing in or around underground pipes. These roots can grow inside the pipe and cause a complete clog or rupture if not properly controlled.

To prevent clogged sewer lines, homeowners should plant trees and other large vegetation well away from the pipe. They should also inspect their sewer lines regularly for signs of tree root growth.

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are among the most overlooked home appliances, but if you notice that your heater is not working as it should, it’s time to get professional help. Plumbers Services of Toledo OH has a team of licensed technicians who specialize in water heater repair and replacement.

Leaking and discolored water are common problems that can signal a malfunctioning unit. Plumbers can repair leaks in the tank or replace the faulty gasket.

Temperature issues can also require a professional’s attention. Plumbers will check the thermostat and heating elements to ensure they are properly working.

Cold water, rusty water and high-pitched whining noises may be signs that the heating element or gasket has failed. These symptoms should be addressed before the problem worsens.

If your water heater is more than 12 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. Newer models are more efficient and save homeowners money in the long run.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repairs are necessary when sewer lines break or deteriorate, making it impossible for sewage to be discharged to a wastewater treatment plant. These problems can also damage your home and cause a variety of health issues for you and your family.

Plumbers Services of Toledo OH provides professional and affordable plumbing services for the entire region, including residential and commercial. We offer free, no-commitment project estimates so you know exactly what to expect before we start work.

If drains in your home are slow to empty, this may be a sign of a broken sewer line. Similarly, gurgling pipes are another symptom that could indicate a sewer line problem.

Tree roots can also cause damage to your sewer line if they invade and wrap around the pipes, clogging them up. Fortunately, professional plumbers can remove tree roots before they cause serious issues. If you suspect that your sewer line is damaged, contact us right away so we can help you fix the issue quickly and affordably.

Water Line Replacement

If your main water line has been damaged, it could be time to replace it. This option is often the most cost-effective way to fix a problem with your underground plumbing system and keep your home safe.

There are several reasons that your water lines may need to be replaced, including aging and corrosion. Pipes can also be damaged by ground shifts, tree roots and extreme temperature swings.

Your plumber should be able to help you determine whether or not your water line is worth repairing. They will tell you what material your piping is made of and what options you have for repair or replacement.

If your main water line is over 50 years old, it should probably be replaced instead of repaired. At this age, more issues tend to occur and it is likely that they will recur again.